Starting the Journey

Hello , am Betty Ndwiga

I am just beginning my blog and to be honest its really scary and confusing but am ready to face my fears and challenge myself, definitely hoping for the best.

so have always wanted to start a food blog and here i am. well, i might be afraid but am also excited to start this journey and hopefully will be looking back and this post will be a throw back. I believe i”ll be proud of myself.

My blog will be about food, food photography, color combination and fashion. The reason as to why i chose four topics is because they have a common attribute which is to make life beautiful and spiced up hence the name LIFE SPICED UP.

The following are contents you expect to get on each topic.


My blog will majorly be about food. I will be exploring different cuisines from different cultures of the world. So i clearly know i might not be able to go to every country to learn about there cultures but hey why not be creative and enjoy the cuisines from those different cultures right in my own kitchen. You must be wondering how is that possible? That is why am here to show you that you don’t have to go Hawaii or Japan just to taste there meals rather you can actually have that Hawaiian vacation at home and enjoy there food.


You know what they say, photography is the story that you fail to put in words . hence ill be sharing a lot of unexplainable stories(photos). They will be from my experiences, trying to show my successes and maybe some of the failures i may have encountered especially in the kitchen.


Well to be honest friends, am not really a fashion guru. So ill try to make this part a little bit social where by, i’ll be sharing some of the trends that are HOT n NOT and make it really fun as we get to share what we both think and even rate it. Moreover have discovered over the couple of days that being foodie and all hyped about tasty treats, fashion really combines well with food. Hence will definitely have a fashion and Food combination and see how it goes.


I call this part the cherry on the cake. Having photography, fashion and food with color you have to agree with me is really exciting and catchy. Am really excited therefore will have this section of trying to find different kinds of color combination and make things spiced up and beautiful.

So feel free and board my ship and lets sail on this newbie. It will have a VA VA VOOM! experience. It might have some failures and bumpy rides and that is why am here to share all that and learn as you learn as well. Above all, share and be the best we can both be. Booya❤!!